Tri HIta Karana Bali’s concept of harmony between nature, people, and God mirrors the definition of permaculture, which strives to create a system of agriculture that is sustainable for both the ecosystem and the human culture that’s a part of it.

Before the introduction to the green revolution’s “conventional farming” in the 1970s, Indonesians were among the best permaculturalists in the world.  Indonesians had always worked with nature’s available resources and focused their agricultural systems on sustainability.

Tri HIta Karana Bali concentrates its ethics, principles, and projects on the designs and principles of permaculture. Along with training farmers in System of Rice Intensification (SRI), we are training communities in permaculture practices, and are developing a Center for Permaculture to showcase our projects and serve as an educational facility.


-Permaculture Centre-

Our showcase demonstration centre for all things permaculture located in Pejeng just outside of Ubud.

-System of Rice Intensification-

-Alternative Energy-


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